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Join A Community Of Visionaries

With the highest progress rate in the field and more than 86 000 brokers around the world, eXp is looking to transform the real estate industry.


It does so by bringing changes to the market - giving more freedom to brokers and providing them with an opportunity to manage their own business while receiving extraordinary technology and training they can then pass on to their clients. Care to join us?

With eXp, the opportunities are endless.

Why Should You Be a Part of My Team?

My perseverance and consistency have allowed me to become one of the best in Canada, even in the world, in the industry. As someone who knows the struggle and hard work it took to become one of Canada's most successful real estate agents, I know the importance of having a true teammate, someone with knowledge to pass on, someone who will appreciate your hard work and dedication. Being a person whose perseverance and independence helped me bring me where I am today, I'm confident I'll be the mentor you've been seeking for.


At 18, I was living in a low-cost apartment with my brothers and I was driving a $500 roller-painted Honda Civic. I didn't have a penny in my pocket, feeding myself was a challenge.

My hard work and dedication helped me become who I am today and win multiple recognitions:


  • In my first year as a real estate agent in 2004, I became the number one real estate agent in the biggest real estate company in Quebec.

  • Awarded for generating more than $2M in commission in a year in 2020 along with the highest title the company can grant.

  • Awarded for generating $10M in commission in 10 years.

  • Awarded the international lifetime achievement honorary award

  • I was chosen for a popular TVA TV show in Quebec called "Numéro 1" on Casa for 2 consecutive seasons. The second season will air in March 2023. I am the first real estate broker in the Outaouais to be selected to participate in this program.

  • I received the honorary award called Le Cercle des Légendes.


Want to do the same? Let me lead the way.

Want to be like me? Let me show you.

What Is eXp ?

eXp Realty is a global community of agents and partners dedicated to bringing the most professional experience to our clients and brokers.


With eXp, it's all about the hyper-focus on one goal - the real estate revolution. Through transparency, collaboration and sustainability, the eXp Realty family is looking to create a legacy by contributing to the community and using innovative technology in our real estate processes. At eXp - the broker holds the keys to success.

And Why Do You Need To Know About It?

"It's been an honor for me to receive the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD for the year 2022"
"I am so proud to receive this award and you chose me, in the real estate industry in the region of Outaouais, it's a massive honor."
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